This site is not in use anymore Edit

this site is not in use anymore

The website of 4th Dimension Toastmasters is now:


Graham, Sue, Erich and Louise (President) pose for a photo at Toastmasters' 2005 "Kammacon" conference

For information on leadership, click Office Bearers or Leading

Historical information Edit

Joining, Membership and Club FeesEdit

The joining and membership fees are stated in US$ because Toastmasters International is American based and these fees are submitted to headquarters in America. The actual Rand (ZAR) value will depend on the exchange-rate at the time. The club fees are ZAR based.

1. New Member Fee US $20.00

2. Membership Dues (semi-annual)(pro-rated at US$ 4.50 per month)

Joining month

October/April US$ 27.00

November/May US$ 22.50

December/June US$ 18.00

January/July US$ 13.50

February/August US$ 9.00

March/September US$ 4.50

3. Club Fees (semi-annual) R70.00

Tips & SuggestionsEdit

Try the following tips and suggestions to improve your presentations:
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Information about Toastmasters Edit

Useful links Edit

For more about Toastmasters in general, go to the Toastmasters wiki main page or to the Toastmaster's web site. For more about Toastmasters in southern Africa, go to the District 74 web site.

If you're struggling to prepare Edit

If you need help with your speech, you'll find some here. You'll find tips for each assignment, ideas on how to choose a topic, even a section on humour and table topics. You can find more on the main page of our wikia.

Special Toastmasters Events Edit

For more information on contests at other clubs, try District 74 or the contest category for a list of all contests that are happening at the moment.

Summary of Previous Meetings Edit

The summary gives you the lowdown of what happens at our club meetings. New lowdowns can be found at


For the informal summary click on Meeting summary 080319


Minutes of previous meetings Edit

Once the meeting date has past, please stash the record of the meeting here: 4th Dimension 2006

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